Electronic starter switch (EZS) is a very important control module in the cars of Mercedes Benz. It is the intermediate link of many functionalities of the vehicle including the Immobilizer control function.

In the EZS switch are stored data with many information, like the number of keys, immobilizer data, car equipment, frame number etc. This makes it the second most important control module after the engine control unit and that's why it is important to run smoothly.


Failures related to the EZS switch are mainly caused by voltage fluctuations, its wrong handling and mechanical failure.


Symptoms suggesting a failure on the EZS are the following:

  • Unable to turn the key to the ignition position.
  • The key turns to the ignition position but the engine doesn't start.
  • Failure of the key remote control mode
  • Unable to unlock the electric steering lock (ESL)

We can control the EZS switch function, repair the failures related to the data retrieval from this function but at the same time we can prevent the problem from occurring again by using new spare parts.

In the event that a switch cannot be repaired, there is the possibility to program a used spare part in order to avoid the cost of buying a new switch..

The Electronic Steering Lock ELV is also a vehicle control unit in the cars of Mercedes Benz and its main function is to lock the steering column and to verify the data provided by the immobilizer system..

Symptoms suggesting a failure on the ELV are the following:

  • Unable to unlock the steering column
  • The car doesn't start
  • Failures related to ESL-ELV
  • Dashboard fails to operate

We can control the ELV function, repair the broken ELV lock for Mercedes Benz models and replace it with our control unit.

We may provide new Mercedes keys granting a warranty of good performance. The programming can be made on-site by bringing the car to our premises or by sending to us the Electronic Starter Switch.

Additional Services                                                                                                                                                         key                                                 

  • New Mercedes Benz and Smart keys
  • Reprogramming the keys and monitoring them
  • Repairing the keys in case of signal loss of the Immobilizer or the remote control               
  • Change of damaged shell or buttons
  • Possibility to issue keys even in the event of losing all the previous ones*
  • Possibility to block lost keys for safety reasons*Okeytech High Quality For font b Mercedes b font Benz font b SMART b font 3

* by presenting the vehicle registration licence and the vehicle owner' s identity card.