In case the engine control unit of your vehicle has been blocked and does not work, in the event of malfunction or key loss, we can unlock the immobilizer from the engine control unit by using the immo-off tool.
In this way, you avoid the high cost of buying keys from the dealership, as well as you avoid waiting for their receipt leaving you thus without a vehicle for a certain period of time.

We can not only repair but also process immobilizer systems that are used in all car makers of the market. All services are performed after having a proper diagnosis.

Immobilizer is the anti-theft electronic system that all cars and motorcycles have. In many cases, after a malfunction or a loss key, we have to buy new ones from a car or motorcycle dealership. The cost is significant, the process is difficult and the time of delivering the new keys is long.

At ECUEXPERTS, we can resolve this problem within the same day by unlocking the immobilizer system from the engine control unit: deactivating it or programming new keys without even having to bring your car to our premises. We transfer all immobilizer data to another control unit - dash panel - BODY ECU - BSI - EZS - immobox.

After any malfunction of any control unit with the immobilizer inside the car i.e.: ECU - EZS - ELV - BSI - ESP - ABS - BODY - BSI - ECM - CGW - MEC - TACHO - IMMOBOX and in case its repair is not possible, we can transfer all software data to another used control unit of the same type by reducing thus the cost of buying a new one and bringing it back to full operational mode. In this case, we only need the control unit or any other control module has a problem.