Many vehicle models are equipped with automated gearboxes and are supported by special computers selecting the perfect gear shifting point. As a result, the driver does not feel the gear changes and the vehicles are becoming constantly more fuel efficient.

In case there is a vague feeling that something is not working properly in relation to the gearbox, the driver must act quickly.

In order to avoid further damages, it is important to visit a specialised workshop.

ECUEXPERTS can diagnose the fault, repair or generally reconstruct the automatic transmission conductor plate of the car, as well as we can uninstall and refit it.
With the assistance of the most modern machinery in combination with the highest level of training and knowledge of our technicians, as well as with our advanced equipment, ECUEXPERTS is leading the way in repairing or replacing the automatic transmission conductor plate of the car.
In ECUEXPERTS, we repair automatic transmission conductor plates of MERCEDES A, B CLASS-ML-S CLASS-E CLASS etc (W168/169/245/164/221/211)

*We offer immediately and free of charge electronic diagnostic check with the assistance of an original MERCEDES diagnostic tool at our premises.

**We provide 1-year written warranty for the failure we are going to repair.

 ***We have new automatic transmission conductor plates for all MERCEDES models & we provide 2-year written warranty***