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Diesel Particulate Filter Programming DPF

– Having a problem with your diesel filter?
– Are there annoying lights on the dial?
– Does the car go into safe mode or does it have reduced performance?
-Increased consumption and inability to accelerate?

DPF systems have been applied to cars since 2003

What is a DPF;

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a device placed in the exhaust system of modern diesel cars to reduce soot emissions to meet European and Greek emission standards.

Like any filter, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) must be cleaned frequently for their proper operation. This is done through the regeneration function, which increases the oils in the combustion chamber to raise the temperature of the exhaust gases to clean the filter, leaving behind the ash of burnt soot.

This can be seen by the driver when the car revs high without having the required performance, leaving white or brown smoke from the exhaust.

Why should we have a properly programmed DPF?

01. Reduction of soot emissions
02. Proper operation of the vehicle
03. Avoid mechanical problems
04. Reduction of piston friction
05. Avoid overheating of the exhaust
06. Reduction in fuel consumption
Problems faced by diesel drivers with DPF

Diesel & DPF

If the regeneration is not done properly, where the standard procedure is to drive the vehicle at high revs on the highway, the filters become blocked as they fill with soot dust. This condition leads to mechanical problems such as turbo cracking as ‘back pressure’ builds up and the emitted exhaust gases cannot escape and fall onto the blocked DPF.

Another impact is the increased oil level since the crankcase fills with oils, causing significant problems in reducing the friction of the pistons in contact with the engine block. Another dangerous factor is the possibility of fire because a blocked DPF causes the exhaust to overheat.

Our Exclusive Services

Along with artificial regeneration we can provide enhancement program for:

• Horsepower increase (Power Tune)
• Reduce fuel consumption (Eco Tune)
• Combine Power & Eco Tune

Engine Control Unit Programming (Ecu Tune)

ECU reprogramming is a sophisticated subject, where we are able to intervene with guaranteed and reliable results, using branded and authentic programs and programming machines.

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