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Mercedes locks EZS - ELV

The EZS electronic starter switch is a very important control unit in Mercedes Benz cars. It is the intermediate link for many functions of the car including the control function of the immobilizer system.

The EZS switch is essential

Mercedes-Benz EZS Switch Repair

The EZS switch stores data of many information such as number of keys, immobilizer data, car equipment, chassis number etc. This makes it the second most important control unit after the Engine Control Unit and that is why its good functioning is very important.

Faults associated with the EZS switch are largely caused by voltage variations, mishandling and mechanical damage.

Symptoms that indicate damage to the EZS are:

01. Remote key operation failure
02. Turning the key to the ignition position but unable to start the engine
03. Unable to turn the key to the ignition position
04. ESL power steering lock not unlocked

We check and repair broken ELV locks for Mercedes Benz models

We have the ability to check the operation of the EZS switch and repair faults associated with data recovery from it and prevent the problem from occurring again by using new repair parts.

We replace the broken ELV lock with our own control unit

We are able to issue new Mercedes keys with a guarantee of good operation. Programming is done on site with the car at our location or by sending the Electronic Starter Switch to us.

The Mercedes Benz cars Control Unit

Mercedes-Benz ELV Electronic Lock Repair

The Electronic Steering Wheel Lock ELV is in turn the control unit of the car in Mercedes Benz cars and its main function is to lock the steering column but also to verify data provided by the immobilizer.

Symptoms that indicate damage to the ELV are:

01. Inability to unlock the steering wheel
01. Car not starting
01. Failures related to ESL ELV
01. Inability to operate the operational unit

More Services

-New Mercedes Benz and Smart keys
-Reprogramming keys but also checking them
-Repair of keys in cases of loss of Immo signal or remote control

-Change worn shell or buttons
- Possibility of issuing keys even in cases of loss of all previous ones*
-Possibility of blocking lost keys for security reasons*

*with the presentation of the registration license and the identity of the owner of the vehicle.

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