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Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

At ECUEXPERTS we take care of the battery of your hybrid and electric vehicle. Book an appointment for the diagnosis, maintenance and repair of your electric/hybrid vehicle.

Symptoms - Frequent breakdowns

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

Every hybrid battery wears out over time. But car owners can prolong the life of their battery by carrying out hybrid battery reconditioning. This form of preventive maintenance increases the usable battery pack capacity and provides an insight into the condition of your battery. 

At Ecuexperts we recommend hybrid battery reconditioning anytime the vehicle sits unused for more than one month. Regularly maintaining your hybrid battery will ensure it runs both efficiently and for a longer period. 

We provide top-notch maintenance services for all types of hybrid vehicles.

We maintain and repair the following brands:

05. BMW
06. Honda
08. Mini
09. Toyota & Nissan

Steps of repairing

01. We open all the battery to the battery modules
02. Then we re-circuit the modules to recharge them with special custom-made grid chargers
03. Then we Run the Battery on the sophisticated systems which gives us capacity and voltage of each module
04. Then we remove weak and dead modules and replace them with powerful ones
05. Then we Re-balance the Hybrid Battery
06. Then we change bus bars with fresh ones to ensure perfect contact with modules to pass the current efficiently
07. Then we complete the hybrid battery with its circuitry and make it available for our customers

How we check the battery

Through the OBD2 port and special programs that we have in our store, the battery status of an electric vehicle can be checked.

Ecuexperts is your cost effective, performance enhancing and environmentally friendly solution for hybrid vehicle repairs and maintenance

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One year written warranty on all repairs.

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Electric battery reconditioning

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