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Engine Control Unit ECU

After years of use and operation of the control unit or from any short circuit or from some other reason, damage can occur to the hardware or software of the car engine control unit.

Software repair

Engine Control Unit Programming

The programming of the car’s engine control unit is done after replacement due to damage that has occurred in another used unit  without or even with the car itself at our site.

Decoding it and then encoding the control unit onto the car itself is sure and safe without any other control unit malfunction occurring. With the special programs, coding from the car’s control unit to another used one is also possible.

We take on the electronic & functional part of the engine's control unit

After years of experience and continuous training in the field of repairing and programming the electronic parts of the car and with the latest technology machines of all types of cars we give you the best possible solution at the lowest possible cost or by cloning the software of the ECU of your car to another used control unit of the same type or by repairing the existing control unit of your car.

Hardware repair

Repair ECU

The damage that can occur in the engine’s control unit is varied and most of them can be repaired.
It is also possible to reset the operation of the MERCEDES SBC ECU in the event that it ceases to function.

01. Loss of communication with the diagnosis
02. Loss of current signal in the multipliers
03. Loss of signal to injectors
04. Throttle or accelerator pedal malfunction

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