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Electric Steering Wheels (ESL)

At ECUEXPERTS we repair your broken steering column, or steering control unit with success and provide all the electronic parts needed and the necessary know-how to solve your problem at the lowest possible cost.

Symptoms - Frequent breakdowns

Electric Steering Repairs

Electric steering wheels as well as ECU after long-term operation produce various communication faults with the car, they do not read the steering angle-torque sensor or the electric steering motor does not work.

01. Turning with different force in each direction
02. The power steering doesn't work at all and the steering is very hard
03. Steering wheel shake (power steering motor)
04. "Heavy" steering in one or both directions.

Power steering repairs are provided with genuine new parts.

We also repair malfunctioning power steering motors for less than buying a new or used one.

Here you will find some of the types of cars we repair/rebuild.

01. Fiat
02. Lancia
03. Alfa Romeo
04. Opel
05. Ford
06. Hyundai
07. Peugeot
08. Citroen
09. Toyota
Electronic Units Reconditioning

Unlocking Electric Steering Wheel Control Units

Unlocking multiple power steering control units is necessary when the immobilizer code is encoded in cars that have a card key.

We can transfer the coding data to another used steering column control unit, for its immediate operation, without additional diagnostic checks.


- Safety: Maximum measurement accuracy at low tolerance values
- Convenience: Adjustable signal refresh rate according to system requirements
- Driving sense: Modular expansion of functions, e.g. for four-wheel drive

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One year written warranty on all repairs.

Nationwide coverage with free shipping!

Electric battery reconditioning

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