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Automatic transmission boards

ECUEXPERTS undertakes the diagnosis of the fault, the repair or the general reconstruction of the automatic transmission board of the car, as well as its uninstallation and reinstallation.

We are pioneers in repairing or replacing the automatic transmission circuit board

Automatic Gearboxes

Many new vehicle models are equipped with automatic transmissions and are supported by special computers that select the ideal gear change point. This has the effect that the driver does not notice the change in the different passages and the vehicles become more and more economical in consumption.

In case there is a vague feeling that something is not working properly with the gearbox the driver must act immediately.
To avoid further damage, it is important to visit a specialist workshop.

ECUEXPERTS are pioneers in repairing or replacing the automatic transmission circuit board

With the help of the most modern machines and combined with the highest level of training and knowledge of our technicians and advanced equipment we have

With a guarantee of at least 1 year

Automatic Gearbox Repair

We immediately offer a free electronic diagnostic check with a genuine MERCEDES diagnostic at our place.

We provide a written warranty of 1 year on the damage we will repair. We stock new automatic transmission boards for all MERCEDES models & provide a 2 year written warranty

At ECUEXPERTS we repair automatic transmission boards

04. W168/169/245/164/221/211

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One year written warranty on all repairs.

Nationwide coverage with free shipping!

Electric battery reconditioning

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